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Surviving (and loving) the week before Christmas

"Ladies and Gentleman, this is your captain speaking, its time to make our preparations for landing on Dec the 25th. Before we land, you will need to finish off a big pile of work on your 'tray' and then fold it away, hurriedly look in the 'over head compartment' for last minute presents and keep any children now off school entertained. Finally, it would be great if you could look out the window, take a breath and enjoy the season before we land at our favourite destination, Christmas. Thank you for flying on 'Air Crazy week before holiday'."

Is your last week before Christmas crazy?

Do you still want to enjoy 'landing the plane' in the week before Christmas?

'YES' is my answer. Here are 5 quick suggestions that can help you (and me) enjoy the Celebration that Christmas should be!

1. Take a breath.

Look around you. There is so much that is going well. I have just been doubling my efforts to be Thankful. 'I'm alive, I live in New Zealand, I have clean running water, I can see, I have a job, I have family'. When you think of all that you do have and what is going well, what you don't have and what is not currently going well, look small in comparison.

Sit outside, take 5 mins, close your eyes, take deep breaths and listen. I did this yesterday it was like a mini holiday.

This is a great song to chill out too:

2. Just do your best!

A pile of Jobs at work and home, Deadlines, busy times, expectations.

Do your best. Plan well. Prioritise. Stay on task. Ask for help. Manage expectations for your customers, boss and family. If you are doing these things, you are doing your best. All you can do is your best.

Take breaks and put a limit on your time at work. Plus, recognise that the jobs will still be there after Christmas. Plan forward into January, seeing that life doesn't stop on the 25th adds breathing space and perspective.

3. Presents

Put presents in their place, they are not the most important thing.

Your Presence is the most important Present. People loving each other rates more highly on any list of whats valuable than possessions. The people you love; love your time that you spend with them, your loving words and affection. You could half the amount you spend, but double up on these acts of love and the day will be amazing.

Plus Gift Vouchers given with a lovingly written card go a long way :)

4. Look after your general health.

Sleep, exercise, nature, good mental input. In a busy time, these important disciplines (do you love that word? ;)) may be the things you feel you don't have time for. Like a car needs fuel and oil to run (or electricity #tesla) you need these to live happily through each day.

Try these: A 20 minute walk outside, 8 hours sleep, listen to a great encouraging podcast.

5. Enjoy the Season

There is so much to celebrate! My wife said to me 'we look forward to this time of year, all year!' in response to my stressed face. So I put on my Christmas sweater.

Christmas is a celebration! Family, parties, presents and giving, of the birth of Christ; 'peace on earth and goodwill to all people', a celebration of the end of a year and its a day off!

To get in the mood watch a Christmas movie, listen to your favourite Christmas song or watch this, it always works for me:

I hope these help you enjoy this great week before Christmas!



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