Thankfulness School Curriculum

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"The Thankfulness project has been a huge asset to our learners and programme. Ferg was able to come into our hub and present to our children in a vibrant, entertaining and attention-grabbing way. Our kids were engaged and hanging off his every word. It has been such a positive influence on our hub, the rest of the school is now onboard and we are teaching Thankfulness throughout our whole school! Thanks Ferg for making this possible." - Jo Atkinson, Marshland School, Christchurch

"Dear Ferg and the team at Be Great, Thank you for the awesome School Curriculum resource. I have used it with my year 5/6 class and they have been really engaged and quite thoughtful. They particularly enjoy your video clips, always get a laugh! The resource is easy to use and designed to be as long or short as needed, depending on the needs of the students. I have seen a change in attitude in my classroom as the students start to see all they have to be grateful for. A highly recommended resource." - Laura Tomlinson, Shelly Park School, Auckland

"Hey Ferg and your Thankfulness Team, My Y4's and 5's loved the YouTube clips - they were short, snappy, got the point/s across, and had humour. It was interesting to see the shift from 'material' thankfulness to 'non-material'. (Even though as part of our Morning Routine anyway is a Thinking Challenge - and one of the challenges is to share something/one you are grateful for / thankful for! ) I encouraged whanau to participate also - and the feedback I have had is that many embraced the 'challenge' to think of 10 things they are thankful for before they got out of bed. Again, it also got adults looking and focusing on the simple things in life we take for granted. We loved the stickers - thank you."

Joyanne -Whanganui

Five short sessions on Thankfulness to build great Mental Health

  • Video introduction to each lesson

  • Easy PDF curriculum for each session

  • 10 - 20 minutes long

Here are five short lessons for a week of Thankfulness.


At the start of each day is the best time so that children can put into practice what they have learned throughout the day. These Thankfulness lessons are simple concepts, and have been written to appeal to a wide range of year levels in both primary and secondary contexts.

Please make each lesson as long or short as you wish and feel free to adapt depending on the year level you teach.


Please contact Ferg for free stickers to give out to your class to put on devices or to give parents to put on their car window or letter box :)


You can access posters for your classroom at:

Thanks for helping lift the mental healthiness of those around you by teaching on this powerful and simple habit!

An introduction to Thankfulness, A thought-provoking video, the dictionary meaning of thankfulness and practical question time.

Lesson time - 10 - 20 mins

Session 1 - What is Thankfulness?

Session 1 Intro Video

Lesson 1 PDF

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Lesson outline

How to develop a Thankfulness habit. Introduction video and creating a Thankfulness reminder poster.

Lesson time - 10 - 20 mins

Session 2 - Creating Thankfulness glasses

Lesson 2 PDF

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Session 2 Intro Video - Secondary age

Lesson outline

Session 2 Intro Video - Primary age

Click on the image and then right click to download the poster:

How expressing thanks is great for others. Introduction video and practical acting exercise.

Lesson time - 10 - 20 mins

Session 3 - Being Thankful to others

Lesson 3 PDF

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Session 3 Intro Video

Lesson outline

Introduction video, discussion and practical acting exercise. *NOTE* depending on the age of students, alter question level to match this.

Lesson time - 10 - 20 mins

Session 4 - Using Thankfulness to create positive thought patterns

Lesson 4 PDF

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Session 4 Intro Video

Lesson outline

Introduction video and questions to recap what has been learnt, discussing the ripple effect of being thankful and a challenge

Lesson time - 10 - 20 mins

Session 5 - Thankfulness; what you have learned and future challenge

Lesson 5 PDF

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Session 5 Intro Video

Lesson outline

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