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The Thankfulness Project

Check out our short video and Articles to learn about the mighty power of Thankfulness

Watch how Thankfulness = Happiness in under 4 mins:

A three minute shortened version of Ferg's talk on how Thankfulness = Happiness and how to establish a Thankfulness habit in your life.

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The Surprising Power of Thankfulness

Read about how the simple habit of thinking Thankful thoughts can change your life


Thankfulness to take you through

Hard Times

How replacing thoughts with Thankfulness can bring empowerment and change in a seemingly hopeless situation

Thankfulness I am thankful for work shee

How to create a powerful Daily Thankfulness Mindset

A practical download and fill in sheet to help establish a 

thankfulness mindset

Thankfulness Articles

Learn about and put into practice the power of Thankfulness

'Which person

will you be today?'


TV Commercial:

You can effect your world with the message that Thankfulness = happiness


Thankfulness is great for your Mental Health.


When you think about what you do have and what is going well instead of what you don't have and what is going wrong, you will have a happier and more optimistic day. Mental Health is as important as physical health and we believe that gratitude and thankfulness practiced daily create a better mental healthiness. We want to see New Zealand have great mental health and for suicide and depression rates to drop.


Thanks for visiting and 'what are you thankful for today?'.

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