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With NZ's mental health struggles with depression and suicide at the top of mind, Ferg formed BeGreat in 2018 to help lift up the mental healthiness of all New Zealanders.

The Thankfulness Project was started to encourage all New Zealanders and their mental healthiness by promoting the practical use of everyday Thankfulness.
So far over 8000 stickers have been distributed, the school curriculum has been used in many classrooms and nationwide thankfulness weeks including tv, radio, billboard and newspaper advertising have been run since 2019.

Your support:

The Thankfulness Project is not-for-profit and would benefit from your help!

If you would like to help contribute financially towards giveaways of stickers, t-shirts, hats, backpacks, or the creation of digital resources (articles, posters, adverts, social media, school curriculum) your help would be gratefully appreciated.

Please email Ferg, address below. 

 Ferg is also available to deliver fun and encouraging messages on thankfulness and practical tools for mental healthiness to your business, group or school.

Thanks for visiting the site and please feel free to share any of our content in your world! We can all help to lift up the mental healthiness of New Zealand by doing little things every day in the world immediately around us! 

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