The Thankfulness Project

A not for profit project to lift the mental healthiness

in our communities

Our goals:

1. To let everyone in NZ know that daily Thankfulness is a powerful, practical way to lift mental healthiness 

2. To encourage and inspire Kiwis to start a habit of thinking of three things daily that they are thankful for  

What is the Thankfulness project?

Learn more about what the Thankfulness Project is and our goals


School curriculum

An easy five session lesson plan including introductory video and daily PDF plan that takes 10 - 20 mins

LEARN Thankfulness in 5 days

Five free short email sessions for adults on how Thankfulness is great for your mental healthiness including an introductory video and daily challenge - great for individuals or workplaces

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Spread Thankfulness in your world

Free stickers - Posters - T-shirts

Hats - screensavers, social media and advertising

Learn about Thankfulness

Articles and videos, informing and educating on the power of Thankfulness

Start a daily 

Thankfulness habit

Thinking of three things to be thankful for daily can have great Mental Health benefits

Thankfulness Week

Thankfulness Week happens in the darkest week of the year to help build up Kiwis Mental Healthiness

The Thankfulness project

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“Thankfulness is such a choice and one we get to make numerous times over a day. I’ve come to realise the minute I start thinking of something negative it’s really up to me how it continues, will I dwell on whatever it is or will I shift my focus to something more life giving? This simple thought has changed my world..” 

—  Kylie, Christchurch

Thankfulness is great for Mental Health. When you think about what you do have and what is going well instead of what you don't have and what is going wrong you will have a happier and more optimistic day. Mental Health is as important as physical health and we believe that gratitude and thankfulness practiced daily create a better mental healthiness. We want to see New Zealand have great mental health and for suicide and depression rates to drop. Thanks for visiting and 'what are you thankful for today?'.