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The Thankfulness project

Helping Kiwi's have great mental healthiness by practising daily Thankfulness

About Thankfulness

Thankfulness is great for your Mental Healthiness.


When you think about what you do have and what is going well instead of what you don't have and what is going wrong, you will have a happier and more positive day.


Mental Health is important just like physical health and gratitude and thankfulness practiced daily creates better mental healthiness.


We want to see New Zealanders have great mental health and this website and its resources are free to help you do that!

Start now, think of three things you are Thankful for.

Thankfulness is simple and powerful

The idea of thankfulness is simple: 'What do you have in your life to be thankful for?'

The outworking of this can be challenging when you are used to looking at what is not going well!

At we have loaded our website with resources to help you train your brain to focus on the positives and the way we do that is with Thankfulness:


  • Thankfulness teaches the mind to focus on positives training your brain through purposefully looking for the good things around you. Negative thinking is counteracted when people see how good their life really is

  • Thankfulness is simple to understand and apply.

  • Thankfulness has a contagious uplifting effect on those around us.

  • Thankfulness increases contentedness and reduces the need to buy more to be happy

  • Thankfulness makes our neighbourhoods better as we live from  a sense of how good our lives are making us more generous. 

Learn more about Thankfulness

Articles and videos on the practical power of Thankfulness


But what have we got to be Thankful for!!? 

The answer.....more than you may realise!!

Copy of Thankfulness (24).png

Sometimes its hard to think of what to be thankful for so we asked some friends to help out .....

How we share Thankfulness 

We promote practical Thankfulness to New Zealand through:


  • Advertising sponsorship; newspaper, tv, radio, billboards

  • Social media posts and videos

  • School programmes

  • Free Bumper stickers

  • Apparel; T-shirts and hats

  • Running an annual Thankfulness Week

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Five quick FREE video lessons with activities for Schools (and free stickers). 

The Thankfulness project



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A great daily reminder for Car, Laptop, Mailbox, Mirror

What will you choose to think about today?

Watch our TV advert
Posters and other resources that are great Thankfulness reminders
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Thankfulness Week

Thankfulness Week happens in the darkest week of the year to help build up Kiwis Mental Healthiness

Shop Tees, Hats and Bags for great reminders of Thankfulness everyday!

Hats, Bags and Tees from $20


Start working on developing
a Thankfulness mindset today

Have a go at these free resources for developing a Thankfulness mindset today!

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Copy of Thankfulness (10).png

Develop a Thankfulness mindset over 5 free videos 

Create a daily reminder of things to be Thankful for

Fill it out and hang up for daily thankfulness inspiration

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Wooden Board

3 Good Things
Downloadable Daily Thankfulness Journal

Read about the connection between journalling and increased happiness and give it a go!

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“Thankfulness is such a choice and one we get to make numerous times over a day. I’ve come to realise the minute I start thinking of something negative it’s really up to me how it continues, will I dwell on whatever it is or will I shift my focus to something more life giving? This simple thought has changed my world..” 

—  Kylie, Christchurch

Thankfulness is great for Mental Health. When you think about what you do have and what is going well instead of what you don't have and what is going wrong you will have a happier and more optimistic day. Mental Health is as important as physical health and we believe that gratitude and thankfulness practiced daily create a better mental healthiness. We want to see New Zealand have great mental health and for suicide and depression rates to drop. Thanks for visiting and 'what are you thankful for today?'.

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