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Thankfulness Week 2024
17-23 June

Create a Thankfulness Habit to:

view/experience/make every day better!

Get started by learning about the power of Thankfulness:

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Five quick video lessons with activities for Schools (and free stickers). 

Learn all about Thankfulness and how it can help you everyday in 5 free short and fun videos 

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Create your own Thankfulness reminder sheet to hang up at home or work to help you generate a thankfulness mindset:

DIY 'Thankful FOR'

 fill out, hang up and look at everyday for thankfulness

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Thankfulness Posters for your world
Daily reminders to think of how great life is

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Set a daily reminder on your phone to write down 3 things to be thankful for, a great habit when repeated helps you view your life positively

3 Good Things
Try a daily thankfulness journal

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Get a free sticker to remind you and others daily to think of things to be Thankful for

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We created these videos to inspire you to give thankfulness a go and give you ideas of what to be thankful for:

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Sometimes its hard to think of what there is to be thankful for so we asked some friends to help out and share what they are thankful for

Thankfulness TV COMMERCIAL

What will you choose to think about today?

Buy a T-shirt that inspires others
to think of what they are Thankful for

Daily Reminders to be Thankful


Learn more about Thankfulness with these Articles

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Learn more about Thankfulness and how its great for your mental healthiness

People we are Thankful for by supporting Thankfulness Week:

Thankfulness Week is made possible by amazing support from:

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 The Thankfulness Project is a non-profit Kiwi initiative with the goal of increasing mental healthiness in New Zealand

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