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Have an encouraging, equipping and uplifting in-person talk to your work/group or school 


To help fund the Thankfulness Project, Ferg does talks to groups that are educational and encouraging. Most talks are 30 mins long although this time length can be shortened or lengthened to fit your requirements. 


1 - Thankfulness for building up Mental Healthiness:

  • Two ways to start your day

  • Why is Thankfulness great for Mental Healthiness

  • What you have to be thankful for

  • re-training your thoughts to positivity with thankfulness 

  • Practical: Ferg led thankfulness poster, 25 things to be thankful for 

  • Free Car or Device Stickers

  • Free online course on Thankfulness

2 - 5-A-Day - 15 things daily to build up mental healthiness. 

15 practical tips to build up your mental healthiness

3 - How to get and succeed at your first job - for high school leavers

  • How to have a great first interview

  • What your work expects from you

  • Basics for success 

  • How to position yourself for promotion

4 - BeTheDad - Parenting talk

How being famous in your family is one of the greatest things you can do

This talk can be a one-off or one of many depending on your group's requirements

Cost per talk: $300 - $400 for talks in Christchurch

Ferg has had over 20 years of experience talking to groups small and large, young and old. His style is encouraging and entertaining.


Ferg was brilliant! Students at Christchurch Adventist School found him engaging, relatable and interactive. Ferg delivered a fantastic picture of thankfulness and the handout activity landed his awesome presentation. We would have back in a heartbeat! 

Ailine Kei / Christchurch Adventist School (CAS) Chaplain

It was so lovely having you come and speak to our team about The Thankfulness Project - we've had awesome feedback. Your vibrant delivery truly had a positive impact on our team, they all lit up! I'm thankful that you decided to come and see us today.

Hannah Aualiitia / Mediaworks Christchurch

Ferg was able to come into our hub and present to our children in a vibrant, entertaining and attention grabbing way. Our kids were engaged and hanging off his every word. It has been such a positive influence on our hub, the rest of the school is now onboard and we are teaching Thankfulness throughout our whole school! Thanks Ferg for making this possible.

Jo Atkinson / Marshland School Christchurch

Great burst of wellbeing at the workplace today thanks to Ferg sharing how Thankfulness = Happiness.  Was a fun time well spent with our sales teams while leaving us with life tools.  Love your passion, Thanks Ferg.

Karena / Vodafone HQ Christchurch

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