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BeTheDad Book

by Father of Five Ferg Turnbull

Quick tips to be a great Dad and Husband
and enjoy your life doing it!

• Available in Paperback, Kindle & Audiobook •

An easy to read book full of practical tips to help you in your Dad life. Have a listen to author Ferg explain why its great for Dads: 

BeTheDad was made for Dads (like the author) who would not normally read a book on parenting, relationships or self-help.

It doesn't need to be read cover to cover, you can pick and choose what topic you are wanting help with and go straight to that chapter.

The helpful tips applied from reading just one chapter will make buying the book worthwhile!

Interesting & easy to read

'BeTheDad' is packed full of quick and practical tips, interesting pictures, interactive charts and questions

Created to help Dads:​
  • Have tools to be a great Dad 

  • Have an in-love 'on the same team' relationship with your spouse

  • Figure out and create a healthy work/life balance where you have joy in this Dad-life

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Thank you for 'BeTheDad', saved me, my relationship and my kids from losing my way as a man and a dad.  

Brett, Australia

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Newly released on Audible and other platforms!