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How to create a Thankfulness Mindset to increase your mental healthiness

Hey! If you want to create a powerful Daily Thankfulness Mindset that will be habit great for your mental healthiness, here is how:

Read about the Power of creating a Thankfulness Mindset /Habit here or drop down to How to create a Thankfulness Thought Mindset/Habit below.

The power and the need of creating a Thankfulness thought habit:

Thankfulness in the Cambridge dictionary is defined as :the feeling of being happy or grateful because of something.

A Thankfulness habit is like choosing what glasses to put on and look at the world through. A Thankfulness set of Glasses looks for the good things that are happening and what there is to be thankful for. Our normal default perspective can often be looking at what is going wrong and what we don;t have.

A Thankfulness habit is not a whimsical thought every now and then when you hear about someone else dropping their phone in the toliet and thinking ‘glad that wasn’t me’.

Thankfulness is a powerful mindset that when you develop it as a thought habit gives you a life of possibility not problems, contentment instead of social competing and..



Let me help you create your own pair of Thankfulness Glasses

To live a thankful life, You have to re-train your mind.

Our brains have neurological pathways that are highways that our thoughts travel down. Once your mind is used to thinking in a certain way, your following thoughts can easily follow this same familiar path.

When you wake up, do your thoughts go to the same negative dialogue? 'I don’t look any good, I’m not valuable, today is just another day'. If yes, that is because these are thought patterns that you have locked in through day after day repetition of thinking the same thing year after year.

I’ve got great news, you can retrain your mind and wake up every morning and think: ‘I’m alive, I am a valuable person, I have great purpose, I am an asset to those in my World’.

So how do you retrain your mind? With daily Habits of thinking Thankful thoughts.

Here is how to create a great Thankfulness Thought Habit:

Firstly, you write down all of the things that you are thankful for on the supplied sheet below filling out the five categories.

Secondly you hang it up somewhere obvious, like your bathroom mirror, toilet wall, bedroom wall, one of the first places that you see.

Thirdly, speak out what you are thankful for, everyday

Do this everyday until the habit is formed and then you will have a powerful tool for mental healthiness

And lastly when tough times come, be the boss of your mind, when you feel yourself putting the I don’t have enough glasses on, when hard times come, quickly start looking around for all that you have to be thankful for

And if you want to increase the power of thankfulness, add why you are thankful about that thing you are thankful for.

Go for it!!

Alternatively without having to fill out the sheet:

Think of 10 things every morning when you wake up and before you go to sleep and the next time that you have a hard time come along, think of 10 things in that moment to be thankful for.


I challenge you to hang this up on your mirror and read it out every morning and evening for a week and see the difference that it can make.

Take a picture and put it on your phone background, computer desktop, anywhere!!

Thanks and I look forward to hearing how your new Thankfulness glasses are helping your life!

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