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Intro. 'Be The Dad'

Being the man is impressive, being the Dad is the stuff of legends.

‘You are the man’, ‘Be the man’ are messages that we aim for as men. A statement of manly pride bestowed on us by other guys.

What is being the man? Its being a legend, doing something impressive. It’s being great at sports, saying something really funny, pulling off a great deal or confidently stating or achieving something that others see and acknowledge.

It is what we do to impress others and ourselves and to have value.

‘Be the Dad’, ‘You are the Dad’ is making the statement: ‘is there anything better or more important to aim for than succeeding at fathering?; no way!

Being the Dad is caring about what is best for your Family First and foremost. Its being a positive role model, making the hard choices for your family instead of for our ego or entertainment. It’s saying, I will choose to impress my kids and my wife over my friends and society. I will lead, guide, encourage, empower, teach and love. I will be famous in my Family.

Being the Dad is adding value to others and in doing so adding value to ourselves.

The following 20 chapters/blog posts are how to win at being ‘the Dad’. They are loaded with tips, tricks and how to’s that I know are going to help you have an amazing family and a great life. If you just look at the picture and read the title, you will have taken a thought away, but when you read the next paragraph and then the how to’s, I know you will find powerful tools to succeed.

I have endeavoured to make the content short and sweet and included pictures, so that you are getting the best thoughts and points in only 5-10 minutes of your busy day. I encourage and challenge you to read one chapter every couple of days and see how it affects your parenting and family life, I know you will be encouraged and please if you are inspired, share it to other Dads, we all need help!

Being the man is one thing but being the Dad, is a whole next level to attain to, because our families, future grandkids and countries need more epic Dad legends.

Go for it Guys, Be the Dad!


*note throughout Be the Dad, When I write ‘wife’, I am referring to wife or partner, your lady :)

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