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The Thankfulness Project 2019

Goal: To increase all NZer's mental health with the life-changing message: 

Thankfulness = Happiness

What the Thankfulness Project is about:

thankfulness project 2019

thankfulness project 2019

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Thankfulness = Happiness in under 4 mins:

A three minute shortened version of Ferg's talk on how Thankfulness = Happiness and how to establish a Thankfulness habit in your life.


“Thankfulness is such a choice and one we get to make numerous times over a day. I’ve come to realise the minute I start thinking of something negative it’s really up to me how it continues, will I dwell on whatever it is or will I shift my focus to something more life giving? This simple thought has changed my world..” 

—  Kylie, Christchurch

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The Surprising Power of Thankfulness

Read about how the simple habit of thinking Thankful thoughts can change your life


Thankfulness to take you through

Hard Times

How replacing thoughts with Thankfulness can bring empowerment and change in a seemingly hopeless situation

Thankfulness I am thankful for work shee

How to create a powerful Daily Thankfulness Mindset

A practical download and fill in sheet to help establish a 

thankfulness mindset

Thankfulness Articles

Learn about and put into practice the power of Thankfulness

Join us in spreading the message of Thankfulness = Happiness and lets see our friends and families (and us) get happier as we realise all the things that we have to be thankful for!

What can you do?

See below for all of the ways that you can spread the message in your World!

Join us & share Thankfulness in your World: