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 Thankfulness Week 2019

was amazing!

We have had an amazing Thankfulness Week. Our goal was to reach as many Kiwi’s as possible in the darkest coldest week of the year with the message that Thankfulness = Happiness. 

We had so much support from shares, media, radio announcers, friends passing it on and people starting up their own Thankfulness week comps. Thanks so much!!


Here is the amazing result of the TV, Radio, newspaper and billboard combined with social media if only a quarter of people that the platforms engage with, saw or heard the advert once:


1,243,723 people!!

Reach stats below

Social Media, Shares Iphone Comp, Thankfulness Pass it on Challenge, Spontaneous Thankfulness comps:

Total reach estimate: 54,223 +

Engagements estimate: 5000


Radio - More FM Canterbury, Breeze Canterbury -Breakfast. NZME radio adverts, Newstalk ZB radio news - Life FM and Radio Rhema

Potential audience: 3,071,000

If only 1 in 4 listened of reach: 767,750


TV advert on TV 1,2,3 and Sky

Potential reach: 1,490,000

If only 1 in 4 watched of reach: 372,500

Newspaper The Press and ODT

Potential reach: 179,000

If one in 4 read their paper: 44,750

Billboard Halo DIgi in VIctoria Street

Target:  Net Reach    20, 251 (at a 10% rotation)

What is



What is







“Thankfulness is such a choice and one we get to make numerous times over a day. I’ve come to realise the minute I start thinking of something negative it’s really up to me how it continues, will I dwell on whatever it is or will I shift my focus to something more life giving? This simple thought has changed my world..” 

—  Kylie, Christchurch

To lift spirits in the coldest darkest week of the year

June 24 - 30 is one of the lowest daylight hour weeks in New Zealand, a cold and dark time when people can struggle with depression. The goal is to help people in this time by inspiring them to think of all the good things there are about being alive as opposed to the cold and dark time of year it is.

Ways you can help out on Thankfulness Week

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