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Get your FREE Thankfulness Sticker or Stickers (for your team, family school) for daily inspiration!

Email:, contributions towards freight are much appreciated!

Why Thankfulness stickers are so great:

We have already printed and distributed almost 8000 stickers Thankfulness which are well received because:

  • Long life - They have a long life, lasting for 1-2 years and longer

  • Can be used anywhere - They can be used on car windows, laptop backgrounds, the fridge at home or any other surface!

  • Daily positive reminder - They are a daily reminder to the recipient and their friends and family to be thankful

  • Inspiration for others - help spread a positive mental healthiness message to your community

Would you be able to help us giveaway Free Thankfulness Stickers?

If you are a public location that people can freely visit like a shop/service station/ supermarket/library/cafe/ restaurant, you could be a Thankfulness Sticker pick-up location!

email us at to join in!:

A Win/Win/Win for everybody 

We believe that this will be a great initiative to be a part of as:

  • Many Kiwis will receive free Thankfulness Stickers to remind them and others of the great message of Thankfulness to build up Mental Healthiness

  • Customers will come into your branches creating more business opportunities 

  • The Free sticker giveaway will be promoted and talked about through any of the media interviews given over Thankfulness week encouraging people to head into your locations

  • This will really help the Thankfulness project share the simple and powerful habit of daily thankfulness

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