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Our goals:

1 - To tell all Kiwis about how daily Thankfulness is a powerful and simple

practice which is great for mental healthiness

2 - To share free resources to help people learn more about Thankfulness 

and implement in their daily living.


We would love your assistance to:

  • Share our Thankful advertising on Media Platforms

  • Fund and Giveaway 100,000 thankfulness stickers nationwide 

  • Share our free Thankfulness Curriculum with schools 

  • Share our free online video course with teens and adults

  • Fund/give prizes to reward people who spread the message of Thankfulness on FB

  • Create a short video of nationwide role models saying what they are Thankful for

  • Have a thankfulness song that people can listen to in the mornings for inspiration

for more info on these scroll down

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All about Thankfulness Week 2021:

Thankfulness Week NZ is on the 14-20 of June 2021 in the darkest coldest week of the year and our goal is to reach as many Kiwi’s as possible with the message that thinking of three things every day that you are Thankful for is great for your mental healthiness. 

The Thankfulness Project is a non-profit Kiwi born initiative with the goal of increasing mental healthiness in New Zealand and we plan to do this over Thankfulness Week by raising awareness of Thankfulness and sharing resources to help people incorporate a habit of Thankfulness into their daily routines. 

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Our Thankfulness Week 2021 aspirations to reach Kiwis...

                                              ...we would love your help

In 2019 and 2020 we reached over 1,000,000 Kiwi's annually and with support from TV, newspaper, billboard radio adverts & announcers, friends, individuals, and businesses sharing Thankfulness adverts, posts and the Thankfulness message.

In 2021 we want to do the same and more to bring this simple mental healthiness message to all New Zealanders and we need your help!

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Would you like to giveaway free Thankfulness stickers over Thankfulness week from your shop/store/location (or donate)?

We have created five quick video lessons with activities for Schools. Our 2020 school feedback was excellent and in 2021 we would love to share this with many more schools!

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To help people be reminded of all that there is to be thankful for we need your help to create a video of 100+ things to be thankful for. 

We just need a quick video of what you are thankful for!

We have created TV, Radio and Newspaper adverts to encourage Kiwis to give daily Thankfulness a go and we would love your help sharing these!

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Over Thankfulness Week we run social media competitions to help share awareness and education on Thankfulness and we love having prizes to giveaway to reward people for sharing - can you help?

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We are seeking Kiwi icons to help us create a Thankfulness Video to inspire Kiwis to think of what they are thankful for

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Learn all about Thankfulness and how it can help you everyday in 5 free short and fun videos 

Thankfulness Week is made possible by amazing support from:

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