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Thankfulness Week 2020

15 - 21st June

To reach as many Kiwis as possible in the darkest coldest week

of the year with the message that Thankfulness = Happiness.

There is so much to be thankful for even in tough times!

Get involved: 
- Let someone know that you are Thankful for them
- Think of 3 things everyday that you are Thankful for
- Learn more about the power of Thankfulness

Over Thankfulness Week, our goal is to reach as many Kiwi’s as possible in the darkest coldest week of the year with the message that Thankfulness = Happiness. We want to help people realise what they do have and what is going well instead of focusing on what isn't going well. Being Thankful everyday is a great way to build up your mental healthiness.

Thankfulness Week is a great time to think about what you are thankful for. Try thinking of three things every morning when you wake up and see how it affects your week! Its also an opportunity to reach out to people in your world and let them know what you are thankful for about them, which is a great way of lifting others up!


In 2019 we reached over 1,250,000 Kiwi's and had so much support from social media shares, TV, newspaper, billboard and Radio adverts, radio announcers, friends, individuals, and businesses sharing Thankfulness posts.

In 2020 we want to do the same and more to bring this simple mental healthiness message to all New Zealanders and we need your help!

How you can join in on Thankfulness Week 2020:

Create or share a Thankfulness post or competition on your social media account

On your business or personal page, a great way to help and encourage your friends and customers

Spread Thankfulness in your world

Get a free sticker - put up a Poster at home or work, wear a Hat - change your desktop background & more

Learn Thankfulness in 5 days

Five free short email sessions for adults on how Thankfulness is great for your mental healthiness including an introductory video and daily challenge - great for individuals or workplaces

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School curriculum

Run over the week, easy five-session lesson plan including introductory video and daily PDF plan that takes 10 - 20 mins

Advertise thankfulness

If you have or are connected to radio, TV, billboard, newspaper or a news site, we have adverts that we can supply

Become a thankful Kiwi

or follow begreat FB

Help us reach NZ by joining us in reaching out to Kiwis with thankfulness

Start a daily Thankfulness

habit over the week

Thinking of three things to be thankful for daily can have great Mental Health benefits

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