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Sharing Thankfulness through Media; 


We are seeking advertising support to share the positive mental healthiness message of Thankfulness with Kiwis! 


TV advert

A thought-provoking advert to encourage people

to look for the best today.

15 or 30 sec available

Click here to access adverts


We have a number of pre-created boards in landscape and horizontal.

We can create for any size format that you have!

Click here to access Billboard files

Radio Adverts

Upbeat and positive adverts.

We have 5 - 6 variations of 15 or 30 sec available

Click here to access radio adverts voice tracks

(to have music added)


A great informational way to give people inspiration on adding Thankfulness to their everyday!

One 90 year old cut it out and hung it on the fridge!

Click to 


Social Media

Thankfulness posts are positive additions to your social media stream with great engagement from posts like 'Tag someone that you are thankful for'.


lets do this!

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