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We are seeking locations and donations to giveaway 100,000 FREE thankfulness car bumper stickers to Kiwis over Thankfulness week!

Would you be able to help us giveaway Free Thankfulness Stickers on the 14 - 20 June?

How to be a Thankfulness Sticker pick up location:

Please let us know by 10th of June to be set-up for Thankfulness Week

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Thankfulness Sticker pick up locations:

  • Vodafone Stores, 60  Nationwide - click here to find a store near you

  • Motueka - Motueka New World 271 High Street, Motueka 7120

  • Christchurch - Riverside Market 96 Oxford Terrace, Christchurch Central City, 

  • Christchurch- Harcourts gold Papanui 471 Papanui Road

  • Christchurch- Harcourts gold Redwood 280 Main North Road

  • Christchurch- Harcourts gold Parklands Mall, Queenspark Drive

  • Christchurch- Gold Property Management 473 Papanui Road

  • Christchurch- Harcourts New Brighton

  • Christchurch- Champions of the World - Unit 7, 1 Stark Drive, Wigram, Christchurch

  • Christchurch- Sew-it 375 Main South Road, Hornby, Christchurch 8042

  • Auckland - New 2 U Opportunity Shopc/- 483 Richardson Rd, Mt Roskill,

  • Wanaka- Placemakers - Wanaka 8 Connell Terrace, Wanaka 9382

  • Dunedin- Placemakers - Dunedin 86 Portsmouth Drive, South Dunedin, Dunedin 9012

  • Dunedin- Champions of the World - 8 George Street Dunedin

How it works

  1. We Send Thankfulness stickers to your location(s) across NZ

  2. Print out or place supplied countertop ‘Free sticker’ Point of sale and put on display over Thankfulness Week 14 - 20 June - or professional print on heavier card for longer life if you would like to giveaway ongoing- quote required for a professional card printing.

  3. Customer enters your branch and takes a Thankfulness sticker without needing staff interaction and then puts on their car encouraging themselves and others

Why stickers are so effective

We have already printed and distributed almost 8000 stickers which have been really well received by the public. They are a great use of funds to promote Thankfulness because:

  • Long life - They have a long life, lasting for 1-2 years and longer

  • Can be used anywhere - They can be used on car windows, laptop backgrounds, the fridge at home or any other surface!

  • Daily positive reminder - They are a daily reminder to the recipient and their friends and family to be thankful

  • Popular - At the store that currently distributes them, they are passively being picked up 10 - 20 per week and this has been for the last 18 months. The Thankfulness Project receives weekly requests for our free stickers. 

If you are a public location that people can freely visit like a shop/service station/ supermarket/library/cafe/ restaurant, you could be a Thankfulness Sticker pick-up location!

Here are the options, email us at to join in!:

A - Be a Free Sticker giveaway location

Would you be happy to give out thankfulness stickers that we supply at no cost to you?

B - Free Stickers to giveaway and a donation

Would you like to have thankfulness stickers to give out and make a donation towards our cost of printing and distributing the stickers?

C - Stickers with your logo on them -

Would you like to print a thankfulness sticker with your logo on it to hand out - $350-$370+gst per $1000

A Win/Win/Win for everybody 

We believe that this will be a great initiative to be a part of as:

  • Many Kiwis will receive free Thankfulness Stickers to remind them and others of the great message of Thankfulness to build up Mental Healthiness

  • Customers will come into your branches creating more business opportunities 

  • The Free sticker giveaway will be promoted and talked about through any of the media interviews given over Thankfulness week encouraging people to head into your locations

  • This will really help the Thankfulness project share the simple and powerful habit of daily thankfulness

Nationwide Chain Distribution Partnership Opportuntiy

  • Sticker sponsor and distributor with option of logo on sticker. We are looking for funding for the stickers to come from our distribution partner for this. There is an option to place a sponsors logo on the sticker. There is also a cost for the courier of the stickers and countertop advertising platform. Estimated cost $12,000 - $15,000.

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