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Thankfulness Challenges

Thankfulness week 2019 has finished but make it a thankful year

and have a go at the great ways to spread Thankfulness below.

Congrats Marshland and Redwood Schools for postering your worlds THANKFUL!!


Who are you Thankful for?

Let them know with a social media post with what you are Thankful for about them! Its Thankfulness 'Pass it on' lets see how many people we can reach .


Pass it on



Spread the news of Thankfulness with this challenging 30 sec clip on how a morning can go two ways.

Share the Thankfulness TV Advert


Lets make our Schools and workplaces Thankful places with the Thankful Week Poster comp. Schools or Work places can download a poster that says: I am thankful for and why: Which the children/staff then fill out and put up all over their school or workplace.


your World


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