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pillars of mental healthiness

Having a Cause/Purpose

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Cause - noun a principle, aim, or movement to which one is committed and which one is prepared to defend or advocate.


Living for something more than you. Your life can make a great difference in the lives of others. A cause can help you get through hard times.

A cause can be your family, a charity, a group of people or something that you believe will change the world. Bringing value to others adds value and satisfaction to you.

Having a cause reminds you of what your life is about and what you can bring value to. For example, the Thankfulness Project for me, focuses me on what I can do to help Kiwi’s have better Mental Healthiness. It focuses me on others, reminds me of what is important and I love the result. 


So, what is your cause(s)? This is different from future specific goals, these are general life goals and purposes.


Personally, as an example, mine are to Love my Wife and treat her with honour, to love my kids and prioritise them, to do the best at my job, to encourage as many people as possible and to seek to grow in my faith.


When I do these, I feel like I am in my purpose.


Having a cause centres you.

When you have your cause, you have a great foundation for starting every day from. When you wake up and recall these values, you are centered in your purpose. If you are going through a storm, having a cause is like a rudder on your ship keeping you heading in the right direction.


How to decide on your cause:

When you are choosing a cause, spend a lot of time investing in thinking, reading and studying what is most important to you. What will give you the greatest satisfaction when you look back on your life? (A great way to find that out is to talk to the elderly).

Another question to ask is what can bring me the biggest pain and loss if I don’t get it right - your relationships for example. This will give you a grit and determination to put the effort in and turn your focus into making them great.


Your life can make a great difference in the lives of others.


Here is a final question for you; What does successfully pursuing your cause look like?

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