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 pillars of mental healthiness

Personal Input

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Getting rid of bad input and replacing it with positive Input.


Your mind is like a plowed field of dirt waiting for seeds to be planted. Whatever thought and idea seeds you plant into you field will start to grow. 


In the Marlborough sounds of New Zealand there is beautiful New Zealand native bush… and there are wilding pines. These are trees that have no natural place in the beautiful NZ bush but as they grow in neighbouring timber plantations, the wind will carry their seeds into the bush and start to grow. The government then needs to spend much time and energy uprooting what shouldn’t be there. 


And this is the same with our minds. We need to understand that what we are looking at and listening to will grow in our life. 

There is the saying ‘you will become like the people you hang around’ this could also be said for mind ‘‘your mind becomes like the things that it sees and hears’. Your mind is what it eats.


Are you listening to encouragement or discouragement?

Are you watching inspiration or entertainment?


Are we being educated on what to expect in our relationships through what we see in Movies and TV series? Shows not made to educate but to entertain.

Is our favorite musical artists opinion on relationships and life starting to become our own the more that we listen? What qualifies this person in this area? Have they had a successful relationship?


If you read the news everyday, you will be informed but you will also be very worried - have a look at these headlines from a conservative news outlet, ie these people are trying not to worry people:


Two injured in serious assault in qtown

Man taken into Police custody after woman dies in Kapiti coast

Truck and trailer crash closes SH1 near Blenhiem

Airport worker in New York fired after giving passenger ‘you ugly’ note

Kiwi’s could pay more than double the price for strawberries this season, grower warns


What will you mind ‘field’ look like if this is your input - worried and fearful?




What does good input look like? Self help books, inspiring podcasts, tedx, friends who are positive and encouraging, music that isn’t about missing out or getting or caught up in someone else, TV programmes that are inspirational and not just for entertainment. 


Start today by looking at what you are looking at and listening to and ask yourself this question ‘do I want to become like that or the resulting feeling from that?’

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