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pillars of mental healthiness

Getting into Nature

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Getting outside in nature is good for your spirit, your soul and your mind. Trees, grass, rivers, lakes, mountains, stand and look, listen and enjoy them.


Have you ever stood outside at night time on a clear night and been amazed, standing in wonder by the bigness and beauty of it?


Nature shows you that there is so much to the world outside of people and our pace. Nature does nature at nature's pace, the waves don’t hurry, the world doesn’t spin faster. There is something relaxing about these patterns.

Nature has the big and the little, the quiet and the loud and all are impressive and inspiring.


Nature is also a great teacher. As you look, you realise that are so many analogies to apply to your life. Times, seasons, planting, weeding. Look at the field analogy from #3.


Here is a really weird challenge for you adults; climb a tree and sit in it. Sit there for five minutes, I guarantee that you will smile. I dare you too do it today. Take a picture and send it to us. We will put it on this page.


Go down to the beach, put your feet in the waves and stand there and let the waves roll in and take some deep breaths.


Nature is also fun and satisfying, the number one tripadvisor ‘to do’ in Canterbury is the hooker falls walk to the glacier lake at the bottom of mount cook/Aorangi. The no1 spot is not laser tag, watching a sport game, going to the movies, eating out, its going for a walk!

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