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pillars of mental healthiness

Future Plans

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Find a dream and make it a reality by taking a small step every day to get there. This will give you daily optimism and hope. 


When you have something in your future to strive for or look forward to, it helps motivate you through the 100, 1000, 1,000,000 hours, days and steps to get there. A goal gives you hope.


Life can sometimes feel boring, monotonous and hard. When you have a goal to work towards though it can place these feelings in the context that you are working towards a goal. An athlete gets up early, does the same exercise repetitively for many days and months because they are working towards a goal. 


What is the goal that you are aiming for? 


You want to start by dreaming of future possibilities, settling on the thing that you want to do and then start planning on how to get there. An easy way to start is asking yourself these questions: 

‘Where do I want to be one year in the future?’

‘What do I want to have done this time next year?’.


Creating a bucket list is another fun and easy way to get your imagination activated. Write these down and hang them up in a place where you can see them. Don’t limit the possibilities. 


Goals and dreams look large but if you view each day as a small step towards getting there, you can start doing things today towards this goal. For example:  


Do you want to go on a 10 - 14 day mediterrain cruise europe in two years? Its about $5000 with good Air NZ airfares on special and buying the cruise on special. If you started now putting away $6.80 per day you would be there. 


So what are you aiming for and what small investment are you making today to get there?

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