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We would love you to make a video of what you're thankful for! 

Please film it in a landscape format:


Please be within 3 metres of the camera for good sound

If you could have what you are thankful for in the video, that would also be cool, but ok if not


If you could say something along the lines of: 'I am thankful for ..... because...WHY.. Thankfulness = Happiness.'

Have fun, be sincere, be you...and send it through!! 

Here's what you do:

100 things clear background.png

Watch what its about

Hi there, We would love you to help us make a video of the things you are Thankful for.

We want to create this to help people see all that there is to be thankful for when they are struggling to think of just 1 or 2 things.

Daily Thankfulness is great for mental healthiness and we hope that this video can help many people. 

Thanks so much for your time and help in this!! Ferg and the Thankfulness team

- Please send recorded video(s) one at a time to alternatively:

- upload to your dropbox or google drive and send us a download link to

- upload to our shared dropbox file; 

Please note: by sending your video, you are authorising the Thankfulness Project to use this video to produce media that will be displayed to the general public. 

Also, if comfortable please share your videos on social media and encourage others to join in!

Please tag us @begreatNZ


Would you help us make a 'Thankful for' video?

Examples of thankful videos:

How to send your video(s)

'Thankful for' sheet for inspiration

Please submit videos by 6th June 2021 

Where this video will be played:

We will be playing this video to schools, hosting and sharing on youtube, facebook and instagram  and also sharing through our website at

Please note, all submitted videos may not make it into the final video depending on the final edit. we do very much appreciate your effort on submitting

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