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pillars of mental healthiness

Confession/ Positive self talk

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We need someone to encourage us, that person may as well be you.


Bruce Lee says: 'as you think, so shall you become'.


The good news is that you can use carefully chosen words spoken daily to train your mind what to think.


What if when you got up every day, you had a personal butler who greeted you and said:


‘Today is a great day full of opportunities, you are more than up to the challenge, you have a great mind, can overcome problems and will enjoy the challenge of every moment. Today is your day.’


On day one, you may not believe him (plus you would be surprised and a little disturbed to find this strange man next to your bed). 

Day two you would be less surprised but encouraged but possibly still skeptical if his statement is true.

But by the end of the week, you would start to believe some or all of what he is telling you.

And this is the power of a daily confession. 


When you wake up and have a list of attributes and attitudes that you declare out loud, you start to believe them, aspire to them and start living them out.


This is retraining our minds through positive input. As we hear the words over and over, our mind establishes the thought pathways for these over negative thoughts.

We are what we think about ourselves. And these thoughts are the messages that our parents, friends, teachers, and society have communicated to us over the course of our lives. 


So let's start purposefully speaking out who we want to be. Spend 10 minutes today and create a list of the attributes and beliefs you want to have as realities in your life.


Here is a kick-starter:


I have more than enough energy, 

I have a great mind, 

I can solve any problems that come my way, 

I am a valuable person, 

I am a giver, 

I have a great mind, 

my life is full of possibilities, 

I live each day to the full. 

I make the best of every situation.


It’s also helpful to add your list of priorities to this:

I will do the best at my job

I will love and build up my wife

I will love and encourage my kids

I exercise daily and eat healthy

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