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What the Thankfulness Project is about:

Goal: To lift up Kiwi's mental health by promoting the daily use of Thankfulness

Thankfulness is great for your Mental Healthiness.


When you think about what you do have and what is going well instead of what you don't have and what is going wrong, you will have a happier and more optimistic day.


Mental Healthiness is as important as physical health and we believe that gratitude and thankfulness practiced daily creates better mental healthiness.


We want to see New Zealand have great mental health and for suicide and depression rates to drop.

The goal of the Thankfulness project: 

To give inspiration and education on the power of Thankfulness to improve the quality of everyday life for all New Zealanders


We believe that Thankfulness:

  • Empowers the mind to focus on positives

  • Creates thought process that is conducive to problem-solving

  • Counteracts negative thinking

  • Helps people to see how good their life really is

  • Is simple to understand and apply

  • Has a contagious uplifting effect on those around us

  • Reduces the need to buy more to be happy

  • Increases contentedness

  • Thankfulness leads to wanting to give to others from a new sense of how much and how good our lives are


How do we share Thankfulness?:

Through the sharing of the thankfulness message to the public through:


Advertising, newspaper, tv, radio

Social media posts and videos

School programs

Bumper stickers

Apparel; T-shirts and hats



To counteract negative societal mental healthiness trends.

Why we use the term 'Mental Healthiness'


People understand the term 'physical health' and that everyone has physical health. 

A common perception when 'Mental Health' is mentioned seems to be in reference to poor mental. 

Mental Healthiness is a term we use to help people understand that as we all have physical health, that we all have mental health.

Videos about Thankfulness

The Thankfulness Project started in 2019, here is our first video, for more video content about thankfulness, check out our Facebook page or on Youtube

thankfulness project 2019

thankfulness project 2019

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