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 Thankfulness Week 2021

Thankfulness Week NZ is on the 14 - 20 of June 2021 in the darkest coldest week of the year and our goal is to:


1- tell as many Kiwis as possible that thinking of three things every day you are Thankful for is great for your mental healthiness. 

2 - To share free resources to help people learn more about Thankfulness 

and implement in their daily living.

 The Thankfulness Project is a non-profit Kiwi born initiative with the goal of increasing mental healthiness in New Zealand

Why Thankfulness is great for our mental healthiness:

When we think of what we are thankful for, our thoughts are directed to the good that is around us instead of dwelling on what is not going well.

This is great for increasing our positivity and helps to build up our mental healthiness.

Thinking, writing or speaking 3 things a day that you are thankful for helps develop positive thought patterns which can help you everyday. 

Join in on the fun and inspiration of Thankfulness Week:

Click here to find a location near you to pick up your free Thankfulness Sticker from!

Sometimes its hard to think of what there is to be thankful for so we asked some friends to help out and share what they are thankful for

Thankfulness Week is made possible by amazing support from:

We have created five quick video lessons with activities for Schools. Our 2020 school feedback was excellent and in 2021 we are sharing this with many more schools!

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Prizes from Huffer, Cookie Time, Champions of the World, The Lone Star, Joes Garage and more!!

Learn all about Thankfulness and how it can help you everyday in 5 free short and fun videos 

Learn more about Thankfulness and how its great for your mental healthiness

Thankfulness Week is made possible by amazing support from:

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