We are a not for profit and our goal is to help lift Mental Healthiness in NZ and encourage Kiwis in everyday life

Be encouraged and inspired and please share with your community. 

*note - if you are struggling with your mental health we encourage you to see professional help immediately  

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The Thankfulness project



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A daily reminder & Challenge

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Discover the practical power of Thankfulness for great Mental Health and how we are trying to encourage all of NZ with Thankfulness and the power of establishing a daily thankfulness habit!

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An easy five session lesson plan including introductory video and daily PDF plan that takes 10 - 20 mins

BeGreat Talks

To help fund the Thankfulness Project and BeGreat, Ferg does talks on Thankfulness, 5 a Day and more

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Sometimes its hard to think of what there is to be thankful for so we asked some friends to help out and share what they are thankful for

Thankfulness Week 2021 has now ended, thanks for joining in! 

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Thankfulness Week 2021 was all about spreading the positive message of Thankfulness to all NZ  

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13 keys of mental healthiness

for great practical, everyday living

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Thanks for visiting BeGreat. Our goal is to encourage, motivate, inspire and give practical keys to having a better life. We are passionate about seeing strong and healthy relationships with friends, work colleagues, in marriages and parenting. We want to help lift the mental health in NZ and look to do this by increasing awareness of Mental Healthiness, the idea that like Physical health, we all have mental health and that we can do things to build this and make it stronger in our lives.

We want to see depression and suicide rates drop and motivation, inspiration and excitement about life increase.

If you are suffering from depression or thoughts of suicide we strongly recommend that you seek professional help immediately.